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is it jazz

When you say “jazz,” it always limits a musician. I was talking to my drummer [Al Foster] about that last night. I don’t like the word, ya know, because it’s really a disgrace to be labeled a jazz musician because they don’t do anything. Everybody can see that they don’t do anything — that they’re just comfortable playing the same old thing. You have to match these different synthesized sounds. You can’t just play these clichés that even the commercials don’t use anymore. That label, “jazz,” takes the “why” and the “what” out of the music. They don’t try anything new because it’s labeled. “Well, what do you do?” (Apathetic voice) “I’m a jazz musician.” What the fuck is that? Miles Davis.
The core of nachtfahrer is in that quote. Do not play what is there, play what is not there (another Miles Davis milestone sentence). If we release jazz, it is the future vision of jazz. If we release flamenco, it will be the flamenco for the next generation, if we do pop or german pop - it´s kind different from the industry music given to you by the the big names like universal or sony - the fast food-Music companies. If you want to support our goals, if you want to be unique as a listener, stream and buy and share our music in any way you believe in.



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